The pricing below is only indicative and subject to change, depending on circumstances. Offers to prospective clients are only made by email. Reserving a booking upon an email offer requires an electronic transfer of a deposit (50% to 65% of the offer in BGN) to a designated account as per email instructions.

Prices by day and occupancy :: full / medium / minimum
*** Spring & Summer seasons *** 01 May – 30 September
Monday – Thursday :: BGN 300 / 275 / 250 per night
Friday – Sunday :: BGN 350 / 325 / 300 per night

*** Autumn & Winter seasons *** 01 October – 30 April
Monday – Thursday :: BGN 350 / 315 / 300 per night
Friday – Sunday :: BGN 410 / 375 / 350 per night

* Capacity & Levels of occupancy *

The guesthouse has five en suite bedrooms (Bedrooms №1, 2, 3, 4 & 5), offering accommodation for groups of up to 10-12 people. We offer three levels of occupancy (bedrooms occupied) – full / medium / minimum:

  • full (5-10 people in 5 bedrooms) – 4 bedrooms in the main house and one in the second house
  • medium (4-8 people in 4 bedrooms) – 4 bedrooms in the main house
  • minimum (1-6 people in 3 bedrooms) – 1-3 bedrooms in the main house

MILLA guest house is rented as a full self-catering facility. Our hosts are only present to meet guests’ parties on arrival and register them with relevant authorities on check-in as well as administer their check-out before departure. The hosts maintain MILLA’s readiness and fitness to accept and accommodate guests and upon arrival they handle:

  • registration of guests, requiring photographic IDs
  • allocating and directing guests to their bedrooms
  • inventarisation and introduction to available appliances, utilities/utencils, etc.
  • introduction to how MILLA functions and special inductions, with detailed information for guests’ responsibilities and relevant safety procedures:
    • during the cold seasons guests must know how to manage and operate safely the woodburner fireplace in the main house that supplies it with heating and hot water
    • during the summer guests must know how to manage safely the hygiene operation of the swimming pool and use it appropriately according to its safety regulations.

Inclusion of any extra services that guests may require is only upon prior arrangements with the hosts and will be a subject to extra compensation!

* Policy on confidentiality & personal data protection *

MILLA guest house is aware of the importance of protecting the personal data of our clients and partners by striving to maintain good policies and practices that maximise the protection of all personal data, processed at any stage – before, during and after – throughout arrangements and delivery of any services by us or provided on-site by others. The document (in Bulgarian) outlines all important information about the adoption and application of our GDPR related practices as well as the rights and obligations of our staff and potential clients, guests, users of goods and providers of third party services related to our business and/or provided on-site.

* Hosts & Extra services *

Although MILLA guest house is a fully self-catering facility it has a team of caretakers (Bulgarian and Russian speaking), who may offer additional services upon prior arrangements. Examples of such extra survices include:

  • Fresh, traditional food cooked on site (hosts’ choice). This requires hosts’ access to the mehana room. Prices for meals per person are as follows: Breakfast – BGN 8, Lunch (three courses) – BGN 20, Dinner (salad & grill) – BGN 20. During the Autumn & Winter seasons, this service requires guests to reserve bedroom №5 for the hosts.
  • Excurssions activities such as walks for picking mushrooms, herbs, berries, etc. as well as guided tours to places of interest in the region.
  • Home entertainment activities such as board games, cookery and masterchef skills with local recepies, etc.
  • Child sitting and entertainment – indoor and outdoor games, outdoor walks and camping, forest school activities, story reading, traditional folk dances lessons, Bulgarian and regional history lessons, etc.
  • Organisation and preparation of celebration parties

These services a subject to extra compensation for the personnel and are only available upon prior arrangements with the hosts!

*** Further information ***

  • Bedroom №1 offers 2 single beds whereas all other bedrooms have a double bed.
  • Bedrooms №1, 2 & 3 are accessible via the common room on the same floor. The common room (top floor) and the mehana (ground floor, open plan kitchen & living space) are connected by a small spiral staircase, secured with integrated children safety gates at both ends. The common room and the mehana have their own separate entrance/exit from the house.
  • Bedroom №4 has its own entrance, near the common room’s entrance, and is under the same roof with main house.
  • Bedroom №5 has its own entrance at the second house, which is 35 feet away from the main house.
  • Children over the age of 5 are included in the occupancy as adults.
  • Children under the age of 5 – for them MILLA offers a baby cot, a baby chair as well as a range of toys for children. Bedrooms №1 & 3 offer sufficient space to accommodate a baby cot.
  • Further occupation capacity is negotiable! Bedroom №1 has sufficient space for a full size, foldable camp bed (available to guests) between the two single beds. The common room and the mehana have large ottomans (single bed size) as part of the furniture.
  • We are pet friendly but pets are not allowed in the bedrooms! Do contact us for more information!
  • Pool – round, with a diamtre of 4.27 m. and depth 1.07 m., requiring ~17 tonnes of water!
    • Installed in the summer after the first 3 days with average temperature over 18’C (usually in June).
    • Removed in the authumn after the first 3 days with average temperature under 16’С (usually in September).
    • Kept full only if the water supply is suffcient (July and August 2020 brought extreme drought in the region)!
    • Use by kids under 10 requires supervision by parents or guardians!
    • The pool’s availability has no effect on MILLA’s pricing!
  • Particulars of residing in the mountains.
    • Water: MILLA has its own well and sewage water tank, however, the water availability and supply at MILLA are not as plentiful as in towns. It’s a precious commodity so, please, use it wisely!
    • Electricity: The national grid of elctricity substations dates form 1960s. The electricity supply (power) and quality in the hamlet are not at the same levels as those in towns. In peak times and during national bank holidays the electricity supply may be somewhat weak and/or unstable leading to some appliences, especially those requiring much wattage, working at reduced capacity or not working at all (ovens, coffee machines, washing machines, dishwashers).
    • Internet, TV and mobile reception: MILLA offers free wi-fi access to internet as well as a basic package satelite TV (upgradable upon arrangements). Due to the geographical setting of MILLA, good mobile phone and broadband reception cannot be guaranteed. Especially in the mehana and bedroom №4, the thick stone walls weaken the mobile signal further. During bad weather (thunderstorms, excessive clouding and torrential rain), mobile reception, satellite TV signal as well as the releyed internet connection could be severy compromised and dissapear completely.
    • Nature and life in the wilderness: Do not leave food unsupervised on the premises (inside or outside). During summer insects will easily detect it and can be a menace and a nusance, especially ants and wasps. There is much wild life within Nature Park Bulgarka such as bore, moles, mice and deer. Beware if you are visiting with an untrained pet as they may be tempted to give chase.

Please get in touch for further information, enquiries, and bookings.


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