Milla guest house is located in the village of Gorni Damyanovtsi, about 2 km from Stanchov Khan and 12 km from Tryavna.  For guests arriving from north-western Bulgaria (following Veliko Turnovo) or south-western Bulgaria (following Gurkovo), we recommend the use of the route to Tryavna via the Hainboaz pass and the village of Voneshta Voda, following the road through to the village of Belitsa.  After passing Belitsa look for a turn to the left following the road for the village of Prestoy.  Upon entering Prestoy (at the sawmill) bear left and follow the signposts for the village of Stanchov Han.  For guests from all other destinations or for those for which this choice is unsuitable, we recommend all other routes via Tryavna.  After arrival in Tryavna the choices are either:

  • to follow the road to the village of Voneshta Voda (Belitsa) and then look for a right turn to the village of Prestoy before reaching the village of Belitsa


  • to pass the centre of Tryavna and follow the signs to the village of Stanchov Han (Prestoy).  This option offers a shorter, but narrower and more winding road to the village Prestoy.

About 7 km after the village of Prestoy, about 1 km before Stanchov Han, there is a bus stop shelter, immediately after which there is a small signpost indicating the turn to Gorni Damyanovtsi.  About 1/2 km along the narrow road after the diversion, the road forks with the right branch almost being a U-turn.  Follow the road after the U-turn for about 1/2 km and you cannot miss Milla guest house.

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