The guesthouse has five en suite bedrooms (Bedrooms №1, 2, 3, 4 & 5), offering accommodation for a total of 10 people.

The pricing below is reсpective to the number of rooms occupied –
full / medium / minimum (levels of occupancy):

  • full (5 bedrooms) – 4 in the main house and 1 in the second house
  • medium (4 bedrooms) – 4 in the main house
  • minimum (3 bedrooms) – 3 in the main house

*** Holiday Packages *** Prices are for a three night stay (discounts may apply for longer bookings):
New Year :: BGN 2700 / 2400 / 2200
Christmas :: BGN 1200 / 1000 / 900

The minиmum stay is two nights. Discounts may apply for bookings longer than three nights.

*** Autumn & Winter Period *** 01 October – 30 April
Monday – Thrsday :: BGN 320 / 290 / 260 per night
Friday – Sunday :: BGN 370 / 335 / 300 per night

*** Summer & Spring Period *** 01 May – 30 September
Monday – Thrsday :: BGN 215 / 195 / 175 per night
Friday – Sunday :: BGN 265 / 245 / 225 per night

* Further information *

  • Bedroom №1 offers 2 single beds whereas all other bedrooms have a double bed.
  • Bedrooms №1, 2 & 3 are accessible via the common room on the same floor. The common room (top floor) and the mehana (ground floor, open plan kitchen & living space) are connected by a small spiral staircase, secured with integrated children safety gates at both ends. The common room and the mehana have their own separate entrance/exit from the house.
  • Bedroom №4 has its own entrance, near the common room’s entrance, and is under the same roof with main house.
  • Bedroom №5 has its own entrance at the second house, which is 35 feet away from the main house.
  • Children younger than 5: Bedrooms №1 & 3 offer sufficient space to accommodate a baby cot. Milla guest house could only offer accommodation for up to two children under 5! Older children are included in the occupancy as grown-ups. A baby cot is available as well as a baby chair and a full size, foldable camp bed for older children.
  • Further occupation capacity negotiable! Bedroom №1 has sufficient space for a full size, foldable camp bed between the two single beds. The common room and the mehana have large ottomans (single bed size) as part of the furniture.
  • We are pet friendly but pets are not allowed in the bedrooms! Do contact us for more information!

* Hosts & Services *
Although Milla guest house is a self-catering facility it has a team of caretakers (Bulgarian and Russian speaking), who may offer may offer additional services upon prior arrangements. These include:

  • Fresh, traditional food cooked on site (hosts’ choice). This requires hosts’ access to the mehana room. Prices for meals per person are as follows: Breakfast – BGN 3, Lunch (three courses) – BGN 8, Dinner (salad & grill) – BGN 7. During the Autumn & Winter seasons, this service requires guests to reserve bedroom №5 for the hosts.
  • Entertainment such as walks for picking mushrooms, herbs, berries, etc. as well as guided tours to places of interest in the region.

These services require extra compensation for the personnel and are only available upon prior arrangements with the hosts!

Please get in touch for further information, enquiries, and bookings.